Crown Princess Victoria’s biography

Crown Princess Victoria’s biography: everything you need to know about Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden.


Crown Princess Victoria was born at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm on July 14th, 1977 as the daughter and first child of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden. She is the older sister of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine.

She was baptized at the Royal Palace Church on 27 September 1977 and given the names Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée. Her godparents are King Harald of Norway, her maternal uncle, Ralf Sommerlath, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, and her aunt, Princess Désirée. In accordance with the 1979 Act of Succession, she was made Crown Princess and heir apparent. As she became heir apparent she was also styled as Duchess of Västergötland.

Crown Princess Victoria's biography - christening

Crown Princess Victoria’s biography : christening – Photo: Scanpix via


Victoria attended Västerled parish pre-school from 1982-84. In autumn 1984 she started school at Smedslättsskolan in Bromma, where she completed her junior level.

She completed her intermediate level at Ålstenskolan in Bromma and went on to pursue senior studies, following a Science and Social Studies program at Enskilda Gymnasiet upper secondary school in Stockholm where she graduated in June 1996. Unfortunately a few months after her first school day, Victoria was diagnosed with dyslexia.

Crown Princess Victoria's biography - graduation

Crown Princess Victoria’s biography : graduation in 1996 – Photo: Gunnar Ask/Scanpix via

From 1996 to 1997 the Crown Princess studied abroad at the Université Catholique de l’Ouest in the city of Angers in France.

In autumn 1997, the Crown Princess followed a specially designed program in order to gain a general insight into the workings of the Swedish Parliament and the Swedish Government.

From 1998 to 2000 Crown Princess Victoria lived in the US. There she attended the prestigious Yale University studying Political Science and History. While in the US, she completed two periods of work experience at the United Nations in New York as well as one at the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC.

When Victoria went back to Sweden, she followed different programs to learn more on the Swedish Government Offices’ work. In autumn 2001, she followed a study program at the offices of the Swedish Government. In spring 2002, she completed a study program at SIDA, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and spent time in countries such as Uganda and Ethiopia. In autumn 2002 she completed an internship with the Swedish Trade Council in Berlin and Paris.

During this time she also continued with her official engagements.

In 2005 Victoria focused her attention on International aid efforts in Asia (traveling to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) and in Social Science studies, spending a month in China working for the Swedish Embassy to gain insights in the Chinese community.

Crown Princess Victoria's biography - humanitarian help in Sri Lanka

Crown Princess Victoria’s biography : Victoria in Sri Lanka – Photo: Pressens Bild via

The Crown Princess enrolled at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Diplomat Program in 2006. The program consists of a training program for young future diplomats and gives an insight look to the ministry’s work, the Swedish foreign and security policies as well as Sweden’s international relation.

Crown Princess Victoria's biography - diplomatic program

Crown Princess Victoria’s biography : diplomatic program – Photo: Bertil Ericson/Scanpix


The King and Queen did want their children to have a normal childhood, so they had almost no official duties. At her seventh birthday, the Princess handed over for the first time an award to the “sportsman of the year”, accompanied by her parents.

When Victoria became fifteen she got more official duties. Since that year she is also celebrating in public her name day. In 1995 Victoria attended the Nobel prize award for the first time.

During her French studies at the Universite Catholique de l’Ouest in Angers, the Princess suddenly showed a dramatic weight loss. On November 1997 the Court confirmed Victoria was suffering from anorexia. A spokesperson explained that the stress of the increasing public attention and the media interest had turned a strict diet into an obsession for her. As Victoria´s condition didn´t seem to get better the royal couple decided that she should go for another break to the USA, where she enrolled at Yale. There she went two years in therapy to overcome her eating disorders.


Daniel Collert was Victoria’s boyfriend since she was sixteen, and they dated for 7 years. Daniel attended the same high school as Victoria, where they met. His father died when he was a little boy, and his mother died of cancer when he was at high school. He was then adopted by Goran Collert, an important Swedish banker. When Victoria went to the USA, he moved to New York too and inscribed at the Columbia university. But a few months after Victoria´s return to Sweden in 2000 they broke up. They are still good friends and Victoria recognized he was an important person for her, and helped her to overcome her eating disorders.


Crown Princess Victoria met her future husband, Daniel Westling (b. 1973) in autumn 2000 as he started working for the Crown Princess as her personal trainer in his exclusive gym Master Training in Stockholm. It is whispered that they became a couple quite soon. On November 9, 2000, Daniel took Victoria at Britney Spears’ concert in Stockholm for one of their first date. But it was not until May 2002 that the news of the couple started spreading. In connection with their engagement, Victoria said that the time they had without the press finding out the relationship was very precious to them. She also said that they had a very nice and well-founded friendship that grew and became love.

Crown Princess Victoria's biography - wedding Foto- Janerik Henriksson:Scanpix

Crown Princess Victoria’s biography : wedding – Photo: Janerik Henriksson, Scanpix via

The couple’s engagement was announced on February 24th, 2009. The wedding took place the following year on June 19th, 2010, in Stockholm Cathedral. It was the biggest royal event since the wedding of Charles and Diana.

The couple has a daughter, Princess Estelle, born on February 23rd 2012 and a son, Prince Oscar, born on March 2nd 2016.
The Princess and her family live at Haga Palace.

Crown Princess Victoria's biography: Haga Palace

Crown Princess Victoria’s biography : Haga Palace – Photo:


As heir apparent, Crown Princess Victoria is a working member of the Swedish Royal Family. Her work includes different official engagements and official state visits abroad. She also represents The King on official state business when The King is unable to fulfill his duties as Head of State, for example on if he is on state visits abroad.

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The decisions regarding which invitation to accept is made in consultation with the Office of the Marshal of the Court at regular coordination meetings. Official engagements are also coordinated by the Marshal.

The Marshal of the Court at the head of the Crown Princess’s household is Karolin A. Johansson, who was appointed in May 2012. Karolin is responsible for Victoria’s and Daniel’s program from the preparations to the execution. Karolin is often seen with the Crown Princess couple during their engagements and travels.

Fixed appointments

Every year there are a few appointments that Crown Princess Victoria regularly attends:

  • Her Nameday on March 12
  • The Birthday of King Carl Gustaf on April 30
  • Polar Music Prize in June
  • Sweden’s National Day on June 6
  • Her Birthday celebrations on July 14 (in Oland)
  • Opening of the Parliament in September
  • Nobel Prize Award ceremony on December 10

Patronages and Honorary memberships

Here’s a list of Crown Princess Victoria’s permanent patronages:

  • Nordens Ark
  • Karolinska Hospital: The Tobias Foundation
  • The Child Diabetes Foundation
  • The Stockholm Water Foundation: The Stockholm Junior Water Prize
  • Sveriges Television AB: Crown Princess Victoria’s Fund
  • The Friends of the Nordic Museum and Skansen
  • The Friends of Drottningholm Theatre
  • The Swedish Beekeepers’ Association
  • The American-Scandinavian Foundation
    The Swedish Defence University: The SEDU Association
  • The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities
  • The Royal Swedish Academy of Music
    Stockholmsbriggen AB: The Brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm
  • The Swedish Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation
  • The Friends of the Bernadotte Museum
    Västergötland Archaeological Association 
  • Haga Boat Club
  • The Royal Swedish Academy of Arts

Victoria is also an honorary member of:

    • The Royal Swedish Yacht Club
    • The Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital Foundation
    • Västergötland Local Heritage Federation
    • Uppsala University: Allmänna Sången
    • The Swedish Brain Foundation
    • The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany
    • The International Paralympic Committee (IPC)


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